Leading breakthrough research on advanced battery technology.

The U.S. Department of Energy awarded a multi-partner team led by Argonne National Laboratory $120 million over 5 years for research into advanced battery systems – possibly the largest national effort yet focused on energy storage. The Joint Center for Energy Storage Research, or JCESR, is solely focused on next generation battery technologies. A significant portion of energy use in the United States is dedicated to transportation and the nation’s electrical grid, and advanced batteries offer new ways to manage our energy resources.

Renewable energy sources like wind and solar are often most powerful during off-peak hours when energy demand is low. Advanced battery technology offers a way to capture and store the excess energy and distribute it during peak hours when it’s needed most. With the opportunity to evenly utilize renewable energy on the grid, there would be less demand for non-renewable sources.

The same technological innovations at JCESR that could change the way we manage our power grid are also creating more affordable electric cars. Efficient, powerful batteries are being developed at lower price points for hybrid and electric cars. With improved infrastructure for charging and better batteries, the transportation industry will be poised to take the lead in expanding the availability of cars with less reliance on fossil fuels.

Advanced battery technology offers a dynamic option as an innovative, multi-scale solution that promotes the expansion of clean energy across industries. As a JCESR partner organization, Clean Energy Trust leverages its position in the ecosystem to engage strategic stakeholders and seed pathways for commercialization of breakthrough battery innovations.