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About Us

Our Mission: Clean Energy Trust partners with innovators to bring scientific and technological advancements to market that change how the world generates, consumes and reuses energy and natural resources.

Why It Matters: Limiting global temperatures to the 2C target set by COP21 requires the combined powers of science, innovation and entrepreneurship to develop and commercialize new low-carbon technologies. Greater deployment of existing technologies is essential but not sufficient without new innovation.

Our Results: To date, CET has awarded over $3.7M in funding to 33 clean energy startups. Startups benefitting from our programs have gone on to raise an additional $112M in follow-on-funding – and have created over 300 jobs.


Clean Energy Trust is revolutionizing the innovation ecosystem in the Midwest.
Clean Energy Trust works at the intersection of startup investment, technology commercialization, and energy policy.

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